Sharing a gallery-view // Error


i just generated a shared gallery view; but when using the link I get an error:

[BACKEND][2022-08-02 12:17:44] django.core.exceptions.FieldError: Cannot resolve keyword ‘field_2093_agg_sort’ into field. Choices are: created_on, field_1995, field_1997, field_2013, field_2014, field_2015, field_2016, field_2017, field_2018, field_2019, field_2020, field_2033, field_2034, field_2035, field_2055, field_2056, field_2058, field_2060, field_2062, field_2093, field_2096, id, order, trashed, updated_on
[BACKEND][2022-08-02 12:17:44] ERROR 2022-08-02 12:17:44,914 django.request.log_response:230- Internal Server Error: /api/database/views/gallery/KMpgzPaticWeFY761cF-IV00SYRJPs4Zyy9PL5eOOSg/public/rows/
[BACKEND][2022-08-02 12:17:44] Traceback (most recent call last):

Any help?

Hi @ArgH ,

Sorry you hit this bug, do you happen to have multiple sorts on this gallery view including one on a multiple select field? If so then it is this bug which is planned to be fixed in the next release of Baserow 1.12:

Exactly, I have multiple sorts and filters running. Deactivated them => working now.

Thanks for the quick update