Sharing Options: Share Database ? share database table?

scenery: If you click on share, you will notice that you are sharing the entire database, my idea or suggestion is to share the database table, something like google sheets that you can share the spreadsheet or even the folder in the case of google drive

user stories

  • I can as a user share the entire database
  • I can as a user only share one database table

share link

share database


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Great suggestion, thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

Sharing options + other collaboration features are on the roadmap. :motorway:

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Hey Baserow-Team and @HiramFromTheChi,

once you add sharing, please also provide an API endpoint to be able to automate the sharing of views. Would be a gamechanger for us.



Hi @bbm99, we’re going to implement view sharing this month :rocket:. Same as everything else, a view can also be shared via the REST API.