Shortcut keys and Freeze Columns

This is a suggestion to have this in the future release.

1.) Escape button shortcut key for clearing the search field

  1. Freeze (columns) feature up to three (3) fields.

  2. Space bar shortcut key when viewing a record.

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Hello @iiimcintosh, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Thanks for sharing your ideas, here are some comments and questions:

We plan to add an Escape shortcut. Pressing the Esc key should close any open context menu, including the search field.

Could you please provide more details about this idea? When you say ‘freeze’ columns, do you mean to be able to lock or maybe pin them?

Should it expand the active row?

Regarding the freeze columns idea, in my understanding, when you say lock, the developer will lock the columns, and they cannot be customized. Then, pin means the user can easily unpin either two or three columns. Right?

Just like in the MS Excel application, they have this freeze columns feature, which depends on the user’s choice, either to pin or lock two or three columns, so it can easily be viewed (reference) when navigating horizontally on an enormous dataset.

On your second question, yes, expand the active row by clicking the space bar key.

I hope I answered your questions correctly…

Thanks for the explanation @iiimcintosh, now everything is clear. I have taken note of all the ideas. As the next step, we will discuss them, and I will publish an update afterwards. :blush:

Hello @iiimcintosh, here are some updates on your ideas:

Freeze (columns) feature up to three (3) fields.

Accepted, and there is even an issue that addresses it: Pin/freeze columns in a table (#1953) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

Space bar shortcut key when viewing a record.

This one was already implemented in the last release. :blush:

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I agree, pinning additional columns will be very useful feature. I assume then these pinned columns will move temporarily to left (they will stick to first/main column) so regardless to their previous column order, until they are unpinned again (then they would get back their original position). Otherways I can’t imagine, how scrolling with the rest of the table would work.

Hi @olgatrykush, it’s great to hear that it was accepted. Thank you.