Show "backlinked" records (within same table)?


Short version - I am using the “link to table” field and am wondering if it there is any automated way to see which other records are linked to a particular record (without filling them all in manually).

A little more detail - I am using Baserow as a research tool for a historical legal database. Thanks to the “link to same table” feature (I was so glad to see this added recently!) I have been able to better link “law B” to its precedent “law A.” However, I am not sure if there is a way to show on “law A” what other later laws use it as a precedent. I have tried to use “lookup” but did not get anything working.

[ETA - just to clarify, these records are all within the same table]

I am very new to all of this so apologies in advance for any confusing language or if there is an answer in the forums / knowledge base already (I had searched but as I am still new to all this, I don’t always know exactly what terms I should even look for).

Thank you!

Hello @archaeoceti! First of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

In Baserow, when linking records that are stored in different tables, it will auto-create a field on the other table showing backlinked records. However, when creating links within the same table, it does not generate a “backlinked” field. Is it the functionality you’re referring to? Just want to make sure I understood your use case correctly :sweat_smile:

Hi there - apologies for the late reply! Yes it was, thank you anyway!