Single select field - Sort Alphabetically option

I have searched but cannot see an option to force a single select fields options into alphabetic order, a feature I used often in Airtable when the list of options gets long. :slight_smile: Be great to have that in Baserow. Thanks.


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Thanks for sharing a feature request @DataGecko, we’ll discuss it with the team. :raised_hands:

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Hey @DataGecko, your feature request has been accepted. You can track its progress through this issue: Add button to order select options alphabetically in the field create/edit context (#2432) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

Thanks for sharing your ideas. :pray:

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Thank you, that will be a great addition.
I am really looking forward to getting some free time to really play with the app builder. Excited to get creative with that!

Awesome, we would appreciate your feedback afterwards. :raised_hands: