Some ideas for "Share the view" function

It would be nice and helpful if there would be also a switch to restrict hide/unhide fields. Can be useful when I want to share just an excerpt (just only some selected fields) of my table to someone.
The same could be also for filter (and maybe for Sort too). Simply if I want that no-one can sort, filter or unhide fields on the shared view, I would like to have the option to turn these switches ON (so I will deny these functions for public shared table).
Right now there are only “Restrict access by password” and “Hide Baserow logo” switches.

Next one:
I miss some kind of list of all actually active shared views - that could be useful to make a quick revision and disable/delete shared links to views that I don’t want to share anymore (no need to have active more URL’s than necessary)

Btw. I found a bug with the copy icon. If I click on it, nothing is copied to my clipboard. I have to select and copy the generated URL manually, then it works. Please, can you check it?

Hey Marek,

Thanks for your activity this week :heart_hands:

What is the use case for this request? Hiding fields, sorting, and filtering can make it easier for people to work with data stored in Baserow. These will be the viewer’s personal preferences, so if you share a view and one of the viewers “hides a field”, it won’t be applied as a general setting. Other people will see it as it was originally shared.

Interesting idea, I’ll add it to the list of feature request :ok_hand:

That’s strange, it works for me. Can you please make a short video so I can show it to the dev team?

It looks like it does not work in Firefox, but works in Chrome.

I’ll ask the dev team to check.

@marcus can you let me know what OS and version of Firefox? Does it work in private mode for you?

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Firefox 115.0.2

I’ve just tested it on Windows 10 and Firefox 115 via Browserstack, but it does work for me.

forgot to say that in private mode it does not work for me either

Hey @Marcus, we are unable to reproduce the problem :thinking:

Could you please record a video of the steps you’re taking so that we can see exactly what you are doing? It may give us some insights; otherwise, we’re not sure what to do in this case.

OK, I will send it via private message.