Sort and Group - limited usage

Here is a suggestion:
Right now, when using Search or Group functions, they are limited to only a few field types. If I would like to sort or group by a “Link to table” data field, it’s not possible.
I tried to create a “totext” formula, but I found out that also formula field types are not allowed to sort or group by.

Would you include this to a roadplan?

Hello @marcus, sorting by the Link-to-table field is already planned. You can track the progress here: sorting by Link-to-table field (#506) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

The formula field type should work with sorting and grouping. Could you please double-check?

Good to hear, thanks!

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@olgatrykush sorting by formula field is possible, but not grouping

My formula field is:

‘Client’ is a link-to-table field type

Hey @marcus, it is because your formula uses a link to a table field, which is not supported yet.