Sorting “Link to table” columns

It seems that sorting isn’t available for “Link to table” column types.
That would be a welcome addition.
Sorting could be based on the first column of the linked table.


@palpalpalpal We have an issue to track this useful feature found here: sorting by Link-to-table field (#506) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab Feel free to add any extra requirements you might have to it.

There is a way to sort a link to table column type by using a formula field like so:

The idea is you:

  1. Create your “Link to Table” column and add entries
  2. Create a new “Formula” column which calculates from the “Link to Table” column a value that you can sort by:
    a. To do this you can use say the join(field('Link'), ' ') aggregate function for a link field which links to a text column
    b. If you instead link to another type of column, say a number, you will have to use a different type of aggregation function like sum or max
  3. Sort by the new “Formula” column instead.

Hello, we need this enhancement too. I understand the formula trick can do the job, but it is not ideal for an audience of users of a “no code” database :wink:

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