Stock list / inventory with movements of items template

It seems that the significant use cases scenario is missing a Template is there any reason why Baserow falls short in comparison with Airtable when considering stock management? Contrary to the Airtable where I can have stock sheet/view + movements in and out there seems to be some functionality missing in order to archive the same in Baserow limiting its usage for me heavily. It this just lack of knowledge on my side or the functionality in a similar manner is actually something being worked towards to?

Hey there @jankuz

Generally speaking, a template in Baserow is just a pre-configured Baserow project.

That means that anything that is done in a template can also be replicated by yourself.

So if there isn’t a template for stock management, you can just go ahead and build a project yourself that fits your need, this will take more time of course, but a template existing or not does not change if something is possible in Baserow.

@hiram is our head of templates :slightly_smiling_face: maybe he has some ideas?

It would also be super helpful to understand what such a template might look like to you @jankuz , what exactly are you trying to do and what do you think might not be possible in Baserow that is possible in Airtable?

Thanks for the mention @Alex :slight_smile:

Hey @jankuz :wave:
I have some similar questions as Alex—what sort of stock list/inventory management template are you looking for? Would this be for something like an eCommerce store?

As Alex mentioned, whether a template exists or not in Baserow does not mean that the functionality you’re seeking may not already exist.

Templates are primarily meant to be used as a starting point for what you’d like to build. They also showcase Baserow’s functionality across a number of industries and use cases. Templates provide a structure, and are meant to be modified (by you) to meet your exact specifications.

It’d be great to get more detail on what type of template you’re envisioning. After all, the Brand Assets Manager is essentially a type of inventory template. Property Showings could be considered a inventory of properties for real estate agents.

Many templates, such as Book Catalog, Recipe Book, Company Asset Tracker, and even Commercial Property Management have some element of inventory tracking. It just depends on what you consider as the asset/inventory.

I get the sense that you’re thinking about it from an eCommerce perspective that deals with physical items—is this a fair assumption?

The more detail you can provide the better so that we can either create a new template that’s more in line with what you envision, and/or guide you in creating a Baserow database with specifications that meet your use case.