Strange date formatting on - ISO date formats cutoff

i’m seeing this on one of my tables
database id: 41763
table id: 102626
I have “date_joined” and “last_login” fields which both show the weirdness. Switching to european date format seems to resolve the bug, but i’m a pretty hardcore advocate of YYYYMMDD.

Hey @lucw, sorry about that. We recently changed our font from Open Sans to Inter. This resulted in the dates being slightly wider, and we hadn’t reserved enough space for it here. I’ve submitted a fix here: Fix date cell width (!1645) · Merge requests · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. Will do a deploy to later today.

Thank you for the fix. I did notice the font change and I like it.

@lucw this is now fixed on

Hmmmm… looks like it’s not 100% (very bad font antialiasing result) when using Firefox. Need to say, that it’s Windows 7. But in Chrome it looks OK.
When trying in Win7 Firefox, it’s OK, but funny, the font looks a bit different than in Chrome :slight_smile: kind of like more boldish…

Firefox (v115.2.0esr 64bit, Win 7)


Firefox (v117.0, Win 10)

Hi @marcus, it indeed seems like the font is rendered wrongly for you. This is a bit strange because I just tested on Browser Stack with Firefox 115 on Windows 7, and it did look fine there. Is there some more information you can share, or maybe some steps on how to reproduce it, perhaps on Browser Stack, or a similar platform?