Suggestions to improve the product or service Baserow for any user

Hello everyone, how are you?

I would like to gather a collection of good or bad suggestions ideas for which the Baserow company or community may or may not follow - about the open source code. Here is a simple answer to much of the open-core concerns

General suggestions

1. Perhaps we can consider “multiple licensing” as an alternative to the open core?

2. Maybe alternative to “google ads” as “ethical-ads”?

3. Maybe Baserow should be part of the OSD(Open Source Definition)?

4. Maybe change software license from MIT to agpl, gplv3?

5. Add the open data commons license to Baserow templates?

6. Perhaps it makes sense to remove free accounts on plans in Baserow?

7. Maybe Baserow will participate in projects or invest in tree reforestation?

8. Perhaps it is interesting to have an area of plugins where developers can receive incentives to create extensions from Baserow?

9. Perhaps Baserow has his own infrastructure to manage git projects?

10. Perhaps add financial open data?

11. Allow other payment options, such as bitcoin?


  • Maybe it’s great for marketing, advertising or not
  • Perhaps build more value for the company and community of Baserow or not
  • Perhaps gain new users for paid plans from Baserow or not
  • This would be interesting because it would be easy to track public reports or open data how many trees have been planted in which places
  • Users can have a very interesting view of the company or the community. Because the community and/or company does not use business models such as: ‘open core’, ‘freepremium’


  • In the practical sense do not solve any problems of regulation of the open source
  • Changes should be voted by all
  • All these changes can be complex to be made or accepted
  • New and old users cannot or can understand these concerns or changes
  • These are suggestions for improvement, and I don’t think anything and I want everyone’s opinion
  • I don’t know if Baserow uses ethical-ads or Google ads, it’s worth asking about that and why, I don’t think this is relevant in a practical sense
  • I don’t think this is relevant in a practical sense
  • Changing the software license does not solve the problems of private use or commercial use, nor the distribution
  • Maybe cancel the free plan next year or in a few years, so that people don’t confuse that Baserow is a freepremium. Or to avoid account spam, which is common on free plans
  • Some open cloud software uses the no free account idea like Mullvad vpn, but this is bad when users want to know the tool before paying for something.
  • For a small company to implement all these changes is very difficult, it is different for example from a large company doing this
  • I don’t know if this would make sense for a community and company of Baserow
  • I don’t know when or if most of these suggestions were made

What do you all think of all this? this is good or bad?

There are several alternatives to open-core that could be considered. Any discussion of that would be quite complex. If Baserow staff are interested in input, I’d consider participating.

What does Baserow do with Google ads today?

This doesn’t make sense to me. Do you mean that Baserow should join the OSI as an affiliate member? Products don’t become part of the OSD, that’s not a thing.

I’d support this, but as long as a CLA is still used, it wouldn’t resolve the lock-in concerns I have.

Free accounts are a good onboarding tool, like a demo. And growing the community is good. The question I’d suggest is only to consider how to set the free accounts’ limitations.

That seems pretty unrelated, except that everyone everywhere should support healthy forest management and retention and expansion. What does that have to do with Baserow though?

Anyway, I won’t get into the other items, this all seems a bit like noisy brainstorming and just throwing it out there for comments. Some is really far out, some is more on-topic, I don’t see these points as coherent, they don’t seem much related to each other. Is there some over-arching pattern or point?