SUM formula with Lookup Values


I’m building a quote generator.

It has an Order table and an Order Items table.

Each Order Items has a quantity and a price, and a formula field that calculates the Total price for the quantity.

In the Order table I need the sum of all Total prices from the Order Items linked to the Order record.

The sum(lookup ‘table reference’, field reference’) does not work if I use the formula field from the Order Items table. It does not recognize the numbers as such.

If I write these numbers manually in another field, it works.

If I use the tonumber formula on the Total formula field, it says that this is already a number.

Therefore my question: do I need to rewrite manually every number if I want to make a sum(lookup) formula in a linked table, or is there something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,



You can have a look at the Beverage Sales Management // Baserow template. It also has a table for Orders and Order details and uses rollup functions to calculate the total price for each order.