Summary row for tables

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Playing around with baserow on my local machine - it’s a super exciting product!

One key missing feature is a summary row at the bottom of each table which could do basic calculations on the column.


name   | age  |
Jo     | 2    |
Ann    | 5    |
count  | sum  |
  2    |    7 |

Is there any vision on this being integrated as a feature?



Thanks for much for your kind words! I fully agree with you! We call that feature the footer calculations and we expect to release them in version 1.9. If all goes well, that version will be released at the end of January.


Amazing - I had a dive into the code to see if i could contribute, but unfortunately i’ve never used Vue before - so the web client stuff is out of my reach at the moment!

What’s the scope/view on making those values accessible in a field?

What do you mean exactly with scope/view?

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