Synology docker ...Network error Could not connect to the API server


I know there is other post on that topic but it doesn’t help me unfortunately …
so I’m on docker on synology dsm …

install went without error :

docker run -d --name=baserow \
-p 3888:8080 \
-e BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL=https://MY.IP.AD:3888 \
-v /volume1/docker/baserow:/baserow/data \
--restart always \

but I can’t sign up I have the famous message :
Network error
Could not connect to the API server.

e[36m [BEAT_WORKER][2022-11-27 17:58:58] [2022-11-27 17:53:58,489: INFO/MainProcess] Scheduler: Sending due task baserow.core.trash.tasks.permanently_delete_marked_trash() (baserow.core.trash.tasks.permanently_delete_marked_trash) e(Be[m 
 [BACKEND][2022-11-27 17:57:01] - "GET /_health/ HTTP/1.1" 200  

so it doesn’t work I feel that the problem is around the way of connecting with the Database … I spent 1 full day on that … if someone can help me …

thanks a lot.

HI @christophe , would you mind sharing a screenshot of your reverse proxy rules?

thanks for your answer
where am i suppose to find it ?

I’ve never installed Baserow on a Synology device before, but I was looking at this tutorial: How to Install Baserow on Your Synology NAS – Marius Hosting. At step 8 you’ll see that a reverse proxy rule is added and that a source hostname and port is provided. That hostname should be your BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL as described in that tutorial.

I think it’s because the BASROW_PUBLIC_URL is not configured correctly. What’s the exact URL it shows in your browser when you visit the signup page? The first part, before the / must be your BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL. So if it’s, the BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL must be

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ok …
here is the config …
do you think there is something wrong ?

Any idea ?
regarding the no solution situation … I will try other tool …
it is a pity but I spent 3 full days trying to install baserow … i begin to be tired … I install other tools and even if there is couple of issue … at one moment I find a solution here … i’m totally blocked.
what I’m doing is not crazy nor so exotic … just an install in docker ^^

ok after 8 days turning crazy and playing bolto with parameters I found a way to make it work :roll_eyes:

My config matches closely yours.
The only diffs seeable are

  • container port = 80 instead of 8080
  • no caddy, so no BASEROW_CADDY_ADDRESSES etc.