Table Schema and One-to-Many Relationships

I’m attempting to use baserow as a database backend for a simple application.

Suppose I have two tables with a one-to-many relationship. In a normalized SQL database, I’d create each table with a primary key and other fields and have a third table that contained only the primary keys of the related records from each of the two other tables. Then, if I wanted to query for an item in one table with specific record(s) in the other table, I’d perform a couple of SQL joins and filter on any of the joined fields.

I get the impression that Baserow doesn’t really work this way.

Can you tell me how to think about this problem correctly in Baserow? It seems like I’d want to use a link_to_table field in one of the tables to point to the other one.
Baserow seems to create the third table I described above automatically. However, I need to be able to filter based on fields (other than the id) in either of the tables. Is this even possible?

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I get the impression that Baserow doesn’t really work this way.

Correct, Baserow - and other no-code databases - use a slightly different approach than a typical relationial database.

Assume that I have a database for project tracking where each project has multiple tasks, but a task always belongs to exactly one project. This is implemented in the following template: Project Tracker // Baserow

As you can see, the Projects table has a linked field to Tasks table (the field is hidden in the template). This field is of the type Link to table and contains multiple tasks. The tasks table also has a Link to table field containing exactly one project for each task. So, because a Link to table field can hold multiple values, there is no need for a third table.

Assume that I want to filter the tasks for a certain project. I can add a filter to the Tasks table and select the link_row_has filter to select the project. The result of the query is tasks that are only assigned to this specific project.

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How are many-to-many relationships to be implemented? In particular, how do I construct a filter that is analogous to joining on tables A and B with some conditions?

It seems like I can only filter on table A and for each of those records, get all the associated records from table B. Is there a way to filter records in both tables?

I quickly created a database with 2 tables: Actors and Movies. A movie has multiple actors and an actor plays in multiple movies.

So, if I want all movies where Actor 1 plays a role, I will filter the link to table field Actors in the Movies table

If I want to filter all movies that have actors where the age is higher than 60, I need to add a rollup field to my Movies table. I add this rollup field to my filter

It might not be the most common example, but my point is that you need a formula or rollup field to create a query based on conditions from multiple tables.

PS: the formula field has a filter() function where you can filter the linked records based on certain conditions.

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