Tables not synchronised


So I am using Baserow with my team with one account but when one of our team members doesn’t see all the rows we create.

For example, in one of our tables names “log”, we have 193 but only 14 shows in the same table for him.

How can I make sure everyone has access to the exact same rows and everything is synchronized correctly ?

Thank you

Hello Hisoka,

Each table member can view all rows. Are there any view filters?

View filters can hide rows in the table if the new rows do not match the filters criteria.

Hello davide,

Thank you a lot for taking the time to answer.

I thought so too as it didn’t make any sense that one person doesn’t see everything. I think he may have a filter or something like you said but it should show in the bar where there is “filter”, no?

I got a. screenshot of his screen

He has an additional filter as I can but I don’t know how to help him remove it.

I figured it out thanks to you.
Thank you so much.