Tabs to access the database in Baserow

1. Feature name

Tabs to access the database in Baserow

2. Feature description

I would like all Baserow databases to be opened horizontally instead of vertically - this would be great for having a user experience close to excel

3. Concept

4. References

I think you mean tables?

yes! yes! The software I like and use the most is Baserow and Excel, so I end up confusing the terms
so… when I talk about database I mean the tables, sorry for saying the wrong term


  1. I wanted to know where I can find tips and tutorials, I really enjoy reading about graphical interface and user experience
  2. I looked on platforms like Medium and there is nothing about Baserow, there are few articles about Baserow
  3. If there is any tip or tutorial, leave the link and I’ll read it for sure pleaseeeee
  4. I’m looking forward to the next Baserow releases
  5. You guys are amazing, I used Airtable for a long time until I met Baserow and I’m enjoying it a lot

@Peter What do you think of this idea?

note: I want the opinion of everyone in the community!

It could be usefull but the tabs would have to be at the bottom of the screen below.

I don’t think that is going to happen. I changed the catagory of your post so users can vote. That they can vote doesn’t mean it is going to happen. :wink:

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I want to help the Baserow platform - when i like something i have a lot of passion - I believe Baserow is amazing software, amazing community, amazing platform

You could also use your passion to test every feature of Baserow and see if everything works as it should.

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I think you’re right anyway, sorry for anything! do you know which site there are baserow contents?

note: in things like evernote they have the evernote team a content area that has a step by step

This was posted 9 days ago.

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Hello @anon7289648! Thanks for your kind words about Baserow :blue_heart:

Recently, a Content Manager joined our team, so guides, tutorials, and blog posts are coming soon!

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Hello @anon7289648! If the purpose behind this feature request is to quickly navigate between tables and/or views, then we can advise you to customize the order of their location using drag&drop. Put the ones you use the most on the top of the list and that will allow you to quickly switch between different tables.

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That’s good to know, thank you.

One distinction is being able to change tables without having to keep the sidebar open or toggle it every time. I prefer the sidebar closed and would still like quick access to a few commonly used tables

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1. feature-name

Baserow with tabs

2. Feature description

I would like to have tabs in Baserow

3. concept

4. Notes
  1. Airtable has this feature
  2. I could manage any tabbed data in Baserow
  3. Increase user experience

How is this different from this request?

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truth @Peter I remember now

I merged the two topics.

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