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My apologies if this isn’t the right place. I can’t

I had paid for a premium subscription for 4 licenses. A week ago I had a user leave so I removed them from the database. I had a new user start so I added them to the database. Now Baserow wants me to pay for another user. I don’t believe I should pay for the new user.

It seems to be sorted now.

Hey @Troy, glad to hear your case is sorted!

I assume you’re using a self-hosted version, and in this case, billing is based on the number of seats. Since you replaced one user with another, the number of seats remains unchanged. So, there should not be any changes in terms of payment. The changes might just need some time to be reflected. :raised_hands:

I am using the cloud version. It seems to be sorted now.

What happened was I received an email indicating I would be billed shortly for adding a new person. This was strange, I had paid for 4 seats. A few weeks ago, I had removed someone from the database and I assumed I had a free license seat. I added someone new on Saturday. That is when the notification came in. On the Dashboard in Baserow, it confirmed that. That is why I reached out.

When I checked the following day, it was sorted.

Thanks for the clarification @Troy!

Good! Every collaborator in a workspace is classified as billable on the Cloud Premium paid plan. So, removing users with paid roles from the workspace will result in a pro-rated credit being applied to your account which will be used to reduce the price of your next billing period. The same with inviting new users to your workspace.