Template for products/vendors comparison/evaluation?

Does anyone have a template for a product/vendor comparison? I’d like to be able to list out features (preferably in a hierarchy, or with tags), and cross that with vendors’ capacities. I’d expect this to be a fairly common use of a tool like baserow, but didn’t find a template for it in the gallery.


Maybe you can show an example of how it should look like?

Certainly @Peter Thanks for your consideration. Something like this:

  • feature
    • id
    • name
    • tags[]
    • importance(int)
  • vendors
    • id
    • name
    • version
  • tags
    • id
    • name
  • vendors_features
    • id
    • vendor_id
    • feature_id
    • date last updated
    • maturity
    • notes

I looked at the templates, and i guess you did that too, but didn’t find a match for what you are looking for.

Maybe you could be the one to make this and share with the community? If you are self hosting it should be possible to make your own templates.

@HiramFromTheChi @frederikdc what do you guys think about building this template in Baserow?

Seems useful and straightforward, with the potential to customize beyond as needed. Thanks for the suggestion @mcjustin, I’ll add it to our ever-growing list of template ideas. :white_check_mark::bulb:

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Hi @mcjustin

The 1.22 version of Basrow contains a template that suits your needs: Car Comparison // Baserow

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Many thanks @frederikdc , I’ll give it a try!

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