Templates in the pipeline + updates and improvements

Hey everyone :wave:

We left 2021 with some bangin’ templates, and started 2022 no differently. We’re continuing to bring you new templates that you can start to use instantly for yourself, your business, or even for someone else.

We’re also continuing to improve existing templates to expand their functionality through lookup fields, helpful new views, ratings systems, and formula fields that can make how you use the template into a real force multiplier.

Here’s a concise overview surrounding some of our new templates and updates to existing ones.

New templates

  • Non-profit Organization Management
  • Call Center Log
  • Elementary School Management
  • Wedding Client Planner

Updates to other templates

Some useful call-outs and things to know:
:one: You might be wondering about the difference between the new Wedding Client Planner template, and the existing Wedding Planning template. Don’t worry—they are different, and have different use cases!

Whereas the existing Wedding Planning template is created from the couple’s perspective, the new Wedding Client Planner template is built specifically for a professional wedding planner. Wedding planners often have multiple clients, and have different needs/items to tend to than the clients they’re serving.

:two: Another template that got a yuge revamp is the Personal Health Log.

Formula and lookup fields really took this template to another level (just as your workouts will when you start using it). You can now instantly see the number of calories from your meals, as well as the breakdown of macros from your daily meals.

This allows you to drill down into the nitty gritty of your meals and your meal planning.

The new Overall Stats table is filled with formulas that are great for aggregating your statistics in the segments that you choose.

Personal Health Log is one of the templates I’m most excited about because it’s truly become an overall health system.

It’s not just a workout log, it combines everything—your exercises, your meals, your sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and even mood.

As always: If you’ve got ideas for template improvements, new requests, or have questions about existing templates, feel free to reach out. :inbox_tray: