Test-Webhook to n8n creates 404

Hi guys,

I want to create a webhook to n8n that gets fired with every new row that got created.
But somehow it is not working.
(I tested a make-webhook and that one worked. :thinking:)

Any idea what I have to do?

(Both are self-hosted: baserow version 1.21.2 & n8n version 1.16.0)

Thank you and best regards

A 404 suggest an invalid url that’s being used. Could you add the url you are trying to get data from to your post?

Oh yes, sure:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-05 um 08.17.05

That is a link to n8n and not to Baserow if I am not mistaken?

If that is giving you a 404 then that means there is something wrong with n8n, not Baserow.

Ok, right now I solved the 404-message in baserow with my n8n-webhook.
And I checked, that my n8n-webhook is working.

But when I insert it to baserow, I get the message that my webhook-url is invalid, inaccessible or prohibited.

What do I have to do?