Text filtering on words

When creating a text filter, the only real options I have are “is” and “contains”. The problem with this, is that the latter is effectively a substring search. Much of the time, that’s really not what I want.

What I’d love to have is the ability to search on complete words/tokens, without also matching on anything that might contain the same letters as a portion of it.

Here’s a use case example:
On many of my tables, I have a free-form “Notes” field (type “long text”) where I might have the following strings:
“Problem with widget Foo”
“Problem with widget Foobar”
“Issue with thingies A1, A2, and A42”
“Issue with thingies A12, A24, and A4”

Once the table is filled out, I really want to search for all rows mentioning “Foo” and “A2”, without also pulling in rows mentioning “Foobar” and “A24”.

I know a regex option (which you really don’t want to do) could accomplish this. However, simply adding some sort of “contains word” option could also be made to do the job most of the time.

This seems like a reasonable filter, specially if you deal with “long text” fields like you have mentioned.

I created an issue on GitLab for you and the team will decide when and if we will implement the new filter :slight_smile:


Hello @dkonigs! We do consider adding regex filters :raised_hands:

Hello @dkonigs, in Baserow 1.15 we added the “Contains word” and “Doesn’t contain word” filters to the Text, Long Text, URL, Email, Single Select, Multiple Select, and Formula field types :slightly_smiling_face: