The new category 'Made with Baserow' is live now 🎊


We are happy to announce that we set up a new category Made with Baserow, yay :tada:

The idea behind this category is to create a spot where everyone is welcome to show off what they are building with Baserow. Here you can openly promote your project and get first feedback, as well as educate and inspire others.

How to understand if your project is worth sharing?

  • Have you built a database for an interesting use case? Show it off here.
  • Have you built a project using Baserow as a backend? Show it off here.
  • Have you automated a workflow using Baserow? Show it off here.
  • Have you figured out how to do something cool on Baserow? Share your knowledge with the rest of the community by posting it here!

Why sharing #MadeWithBaserow in public is a good idea:

  1. The Baserow community are experienced users and creators who can provide powerful insights and help take your project to the next level.
  2. Share for others to learn from it and remix a top of it.
  3. Promote yourself :smirk:

When posting here, it is okay to let other community members know that you are accepting collaborator requests or asking for feedback. Just make sure it is clear from your post.

We’re super excited and can’t wait to see your projects here :heart: