The possibility to hide "Open with Google Docs" and open the docs in the browser with a chosen server

one of the two reasons we want to use baserow is that we can self-host our data (the other is that we want to use free software), for privacy and data protection, but if the documents are opened in Google Docs, it ruins this goal! :smiley:
That’s why we need to have an option in the backend to disable this ability to open documents in Google Docs.

What would be even better is to have the possibility to indicate in the backend an online document server other than Google Docs, a Collabora Libreoffice Online server and/or an Onlyoffice server. As we self-host a Collabora server and a OnlyOffice Document server, we could open the document in the user’s browser without losing data protection.

You could for example examine the code of the free software Nextcloud which has a Collabora connector and an Onlyoffice connector.


Great idea. Just a suggestion. Could you maybe edit your topic title? It is very big. The point you want to make is explained in the post. Maybe change it to “The possibility to open documents in the browser with a chosen server.”

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Done, but I left “hide ‘Open with Google Docs’” in the title, because I imagine it’s way much easier to hide ‘open with google docs’ than to implement a Collabora or Onlyoffice connector, and just hide ‘Open with Google Docs’ would already be an important step for us

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Hello Vincent, sorry for the delay in the response! You can have this feature done by running a very simple and small plugin. Our devs can write the code, do you have the technical capabilities to deploy it in your self-hosted version?


Hello Olga, great news ! Yes (I hope) we have the capabilities to do that with some explanations !

Hey @Vincent! I have great news, we think the change — hide ‘Open with Google Docs’ — could benefit other users as well, so we decided to make it configurable in Baserow instead of creating a plugin. Here is the issue: Introduce environment variable to disable Google docs file preview (#1074) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, and we expect to release it in Baserow 1.11.

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Hello @olgatrykush , as you said, it’s a great news ! Thanks a lot to the team !

And this feature was also implemented :tada:

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