Third party API with webhooks


I would like to use the data that I have on baserow to update information on a remote server via webhooks with the method PUT/POST/PATCH. am I able to do so? If yes, am I able to select a single row or do I have to select all the information by column?

Hi @daniel.garcia,

The current implementation of webhooks in Baserow allows you to keep getting messages/requests when data are being changed in a Baserow table. You can opt to only receive “row created”, “row updated”, and “row deleted” events - or get all of them.

This means that you automatically get a request to the URL you want with the HTTP method of your choosing (e.g. POST), while the contents of the webhook request will be the row that is being created/updated or only row id when it is being deleted.

Currently you cannot choose which columns/fields you will get, the request will contain all fields of the row.

Does that answer your question?

You can setup webhooks from the database context menu: