Time data type (Example: 00:96:57) -- Just a single time field, like the date field, but without the 'date' part

So we have date data type fields where you can ADD a time element to the field. But there’s no simple “Time” data type on its own, without a date.

My use case is, when tracking time duration of an event, I have no way with the existing Date data type field to enter “9 min 8 seconds” (00:09:08).

Looks like the Date field you already have has all of the elements you need to make this new hypothetical field work in Grids and Forms.

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Hey @baserow.rvor6, thanks for your activity, we appreciate your involvement :blue_heart:

That’s a good point and suggestion, we will discuss the idea with the team and I’ll get back to you afterward.

Hey @baserow.rvor6 again! We will add this field type, thanks again for the suggestion! As soon as I have any estimates on when to expect this feature, I’ll share the news here :ok_hand:

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Another upvote for this feature, however in my use case, I only need to track hours and minutes , so it would be nice if somehow the level of granularity to which time is to be tracked can be user defined. It would also be really cool if one could use baserow formulas to add/subtract times!


@hakunamatata Formulas already support the currently formula only type “date_interval” which can be used just like a time field to add / subtract times etc.


Good to know! I will be sure to test it out if/when a time field is added. Thanks!