Time Duration Field

I am looking to have a time duration field for use with tracking elapsed times for swimming events in the format MM:SS.ss or SS.ss, for example 1:22.54 for one minute twenty-two seconds and fifty-four hundredths.

Is this possible?


There is no field type for a time in Baserow. However, you can use a formula to calculate the amount of minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Do you manually input the times (for example 1:22.54) or are they generated based on a start date/time and end date/time?

It would be manually entered or pulled from an external source.

If you enter the time manually or pull them from an external source, you can save the time as a single text field.

Next, you add a field for sorting the time so that the smallest time is on top of the table. The formula for this field is

tonumber(split_part(field('Time'),':',1)) * 60
tonumber(split_part(field('Time'),'.',2)) /10

In short: multiple the amount of minutes with 60 to convert them to second. Add the number of seconds (between the : and .). Finally add the tenths of seconds by dividing them by 10.

Sorting on this field will always put the lowest time on top and the formula does not require leading zero’s.

Does this solves your problem?


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Looks like it would! I’ll give it a try.

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