TIPS: modified/created by... and Kanban stacks order

Here are some tips to make baserow even better and more user friendly:

  1. “Modified” and “Created” types of field: there would be superuseful to have the information displayed (within these fields or by having one extra type of field) with the user name who created or modified data row.

  2. Kanban: would it be possible to customize (change) the stacks order? I mean move selected stacks to the left or right?


Hello @marcus, thank you for your input :hugs:

Some comments on your requests:

  1. We plan on adding ‘Last modified by’ and ‘Created by’ field types, you can use this issue to track the progress: Suggested field types "last modified by" and "created by" (#624) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

  2. Currently, stacks in the Kanban view are displayed in the same order as the options listed in the Single select field used to group fields. To change the order of stacks in the Kanban view, you need to go back to the Grid view and adjust the order of options in your Single select field. It seems to be a good idea to have the option to customize the order of stacks directly in the Kanban view. I will discuss this request with the team :raised_hands:

OK, thanks for your feedback.

Hello @marcus, getting back to you on this request:

We have this issue in the backlog: Order stack/select option in Kanban view (#673) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab :slightly_smiling_face: