Tracking who modified the field


we are currently considering migration from Airtable to a self-hosted Baserow. One feature that we rely on is to have fields that track when other fields are changed and store the date and the user who changed it.

As far as I understand, the last modified tracking fields are coming in the next update, but is it possible to track users? What is the easiest way to achieve this behaviour?

Is it possible to create a plugin that updates the row before it’s saved? We can hardcode the necessary logic and field names if there is a hook available. Or should it be a custom field type? Or maybe we should use an on update webhook?

Thanks in advance

The user data of who made a field edit is not provided on webhooks payloads, but is provided in the row change API:



Fetches the row change history of a given row_id in the table with the given table_id. The row change history is paginated and can be limited with the limit and offset query parameters.

You could probably use a combination of the webhook API and this payload to engineer your own Last Modified By field.

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