UI issues/Cell does not display properly for very large link to table fields

Hi, our busier databases have issues displaying contents of link to table fields when they are very large.

Example table showing issue
Grid // Baserow

To recreate, after opening the link above, click a link to table cell straight away (do not scroll down)

Does not occur if you have scrolled to the bottom of the screen.


Hey @Riz, could you please provide all the details about your issue as outlined in this template: *READ ME FIRST* Technical Help FAQs - #2 by nigel? Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Riz, we’re aware of this problem. Because the row has so many relationships, it doesn’t always fit on the screen when you click on the cell. Is there any change you can reduce the relationships, or increase the width of the field?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how we should fix this UX wise? We’ve been thinking about introducing pagination, for example.

Thanks @olgatrykush - decided not to include screenshots in this one as its way clearer if you follow the steps detailed in my post. I think I’ve covered everything asked for in Nigels guide, but do let me know if I’ve overlooked anything specifically!

Thanks @bram, we have copy/paste/notepad workaround that are good enough for the rare times this happens in practice.

Suggestions wise, not sure whats possible coding/platform wise but some thoughts
1)Keep vertical page position static when clicking on the cell, we could then scroll down the page to view the later parts of the cell data
2)Allow text size changing via a UI config (at a guess this is already possible on the self hosted?), make it per field. Users could then shrink down busy fields. Its also a great general addition to Baserow as you dont always want certain fields or even field names taking up too much screen real-estate.
3)Make the cell data separately scrollable, with scroll focus being under the mouse position (this is how Sheets handles it)
Cell data could also be size restricted so it isn’t able to fill the entire page. Example image below, with proposed green cell scroll bar for large cells.

Pagination would also work!

Hey @Riz, thank you for sharing your ideas. I’ve also shared them with our Product Designer, Michał, so your feedback will be taken into account. :ok_hand: