UI issues/menus offscreen

Hi all! Got a issue where right clicks near the bottom of the screen result in an offscreen menu

I’m using Windows 10,

Display 1 - 3840x2160, text scaling set to 175%

Display 2 - 1920x1080, text scaling set to 150%

Display 3 - 1920x1080, text scaling set to 100%

Is this just me?

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We are aware of the issues with the context menu and have already started working on improvements. Some of these improvements will be included in the upcoming release. :relieved:

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I have the same problem - if the table has a lot of rows, then if I want to delete f.e. the last row, the context menu does not fit there and items are hidden.
I suppose it’s already on the list of bugs to be fixed, but I rather mention it here again.


Yes, this one is on the list, and I think it has already been fixed, so it will probably be released in version 1.20.

:star_struck: version 1.20 :tada: when?

Soon :eyes:

We don’t have an exact date yet, but I think it will happen within the next two weeks. :crossed_fingers:

btw. will this version already contain that new redesigned UI?

No, unfortunately, this work is still in progress. :sweat_smile: