Unable to change password account in baserow

When i click forget password and call message to email… i cant recieve any message in email to change the password although , the email is login in baserow…!!

@olgatrykush . . . . .

Hello @Astromo, did you check the spam folder? Do you use Baserow.io or a self-hosted version?

Yes i check it no message at all.
How i can send the email to you in private to check it in baserow
Iam using baserow.io

Someone help !
Why only this account cant recieve any message from baserow

Hey @Astromo, apologies for all the inconvenience you faced. We’re checking your case internally, and we need a little more time.

Hey @Astromo, can you please try to log in to your account now?

Thank you for taking the time to solve these complex problems The problem has been solved
The message has been received to gmail.