Unabling the "add row" button

Hi everyone!
I find that I often misclick on the “add row” button, on a table that I only want to be filled by a form or an automation. Would it be possible to add a feature allowing to unable it ?


Thanks a lot!

Hello @Anatole, just to clarify, you want to have the possibility to enable adding new rows, correct?

*it should be ‘disable’ above :sweat_smile:

@olgatrykush I think what @Anatole is saying is that this table exists for rows to be created/updated via form or automation, and so the “Add row” button at the bottom of the table is irrelevant for this table… and therefore, would like to disable this “Add row” button (to prevent clicking it accidentally).

This is because if this table is meant to be fully automated, misclicking on the “Add row” button could break the automation, add blank rows that alter the data set, etc.

Yeah, that’s how I understood it. Anyway, if we introduce this feature, it can probably be available for all tables as a general setting. However, users will likely only use it in cases where they fill out a table via a form or automation.

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Right. And the other consideration here from a UX perspective is also: If we do it for this feature, who’s to say we should or shouldn’t do it for other features as well?

For example: What if someone wanted to disable filtering at the table level? Or adding new fields? Sorting? Hiding fields? It can be so granular.

Then, we also get into the conversation of: Once it’s disabled, what if we forget to enable it once we need it again? And where do we find it on the interface?

So much food for thought. :thought_balloon:

Thanks for your answers. Yes, sorry for the bad English, I meant disabling of course ^^

Hiram you perfectly see my point with a fully automated table, but I understand the UX problems

I’m thinking of an alternative that would be a rather quick fix to my issue: reducing the size of the add row button. Now, it takes the full width in the table view, and that is why i often misclick on it. The add row button could just be a little box below the row ID (in the same way as the add field button, which is great).

Am I clear enough ?