Unifying the Single- and Multiple-select field across the whole workspace

I would like to suggest one of my ideas:
in my workspace (consisting of about 7 tables) I am using three very similar tables where most of the fields are the same type. Atleast two of them are single-select or multiple-select field type. The problem comes when I want to add some items, change some of them (or text or change the color). I have to do it in all my tables.
I could use create another table and use it in my three tables as a link to table field, but 1) it is so much slower to work with it comparing to single/multiple-select field (especially adding the item, f.e. by starting typing, is ultrafast with single/multiple-select field) and 2) super useful coloring the items is not possible with link to table method

My idea is: why not implement the option to have Single-select or Multiple-select as a global for the whole workflow? It probably should have to by a table, maybe some kind of a special type.
If it is not possible, then another option is to be able to colorize the standard table items (rows) and if they are used in another table as “link to table” field, they will be visualized in colours. Then the items as well as their colour will be always unified across all tables in the workflow.

Of course, I would prefer the first option because of speed, performance and comfortability.

What do you think?

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Hey @marcus, noted! I will discuss your use case and both potential solutions with the team. :ok_hand:

Also, probably, when we implement the other request you shared earlier — to be able to import/export single/multiple selection field options by copying the select options to a clipboard, and also allow importing from the clipboard — this should also cover your use case as it will allow you to change the options more quickly within your tables. What do you think?

Hi @olgatrykush
Sure, the copy/paste method, even though it is not systematic, would be enough as a quick workaround.
But it would also need to be able to keep all colors of those items. Otherwise, it will lose the consistency - I mean I would have to colorize them all again manually and use the same colors as they have in my main (or let’s say “source”) table. That’s my goal - to have the same Single- or Multiple-select list, even in terms of colors.

Hey @marcus, we love this idea and will add the option to have pre-saved single-select and multiple-select options available globally for the entire database: Having single-select and multiple-select options available globally (pre-saved) for the entire database (#2235) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands: