Unique URL for each row (when viewing in the expanded pop-up)

When using the expand button to preview a row in a pop-up, it would be useful if the URL changed to match this unique row. This enables saving specific rows to bookmarks, sharing links to specific data, it allows browser history to track what data you’ve viewed, allows using browser native forward and back buttons in tab history, etc.

Hello @Teferi, first of all, welcome to our community :wave:

That’s a great suggestion, and we are going to implement this feature shortly. We’ve already had this issue on Gitlab: Unique URL for each row (when previewed in a pop-up) (#938) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, but I assigned it to milestone 1.12.

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Hey @Teferi, this feature is now implemented thanks to @Alex :grin: