Uniqueness of rows

Is it possible to have unique numbers/letters in one row such that it doesnt reappear in other rows?

Hello! On the screenshot I highlighted where the row unique ID is located. This record will always be unique, because the number increases +1 even when you delete records.


I see that but I want to stop recurring serial numbers in different rows and its different to what you have said.

Would you mind elaborating a bit more on what you want to do, it’s a bit unclear? Do you want to have some sort of unique constraint/validation, where you can can’t create a row with a certain value if it already exists?

Yes thats pretty much what im going for, if there already exists a cell with ABC there cant be any rows in that column with that same value.

That’s currently not possible with Baserow. It’s called a unique constraint and we’re not going to implement that anytime soon. If we want to implement this feature with the right UX, it’s going to be a lot of work to build it and we’re currently focusing on other features.