Update Row via Webhooks

Instance - Cloud Hosted

I have created a database in Baserow to store candidate pipeline information from one of our information systems. Currently, whenever we have an update we get an email with the name and status in the subject. I have already automated adding the data to a new row in Baserow.

Next, I would like to update the status of the candidates so that the column (e.g. Status) updates with each update as the email arrives. I am using Microsoft Flow to try and achieve this. I am looking at the Webhooks documentation and I cannot see so how to update an existing row without the row ID?

I won’t have a way of programming the Row ID for each interaction, the primary column in my database is called Name. Is there anyway I can update a row via webhooks using this value rather than integer based row ID?


My suggestion would be to add an additional node in your automation. This node returns all records that meet a certain condition. In this case, the Name field should be equal to a certain value.

The endpoint you need is:
https://{name of your instance}/api/database/rows/table/{table id}/?user_field_names=true&filter__Name__equal={unique name}

If the Name field is unique, the result of the node will be a list with 1 record. You can get the ID of that record and use it to update your row.

I think I’ve managed to fix this. What I did was use the GET Row request to lookup the row using the Name, then pass the Row ID to the PATCH request which seems to be working so far. I’m going to continue to do some tests.