Update table with Make.com and drop duplicates


New to Baserow, I’m looking to post new rows in one time in a table using a json/xml file from another API with Make.com.

In the second time I need to drop duplicated rows based on an operation id column in order to be sur there is no duplicates in my table.

As I don’t manage to do that could you confirm that it is possible with Make.com in order to automate the flow ?

Maybe with this request :
POST /api.baserow.io/api/user-files/upload-file/ HTTP
Authorization: Token YOUR_DATABASE_TOKEN
Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=------------------------YOUR_BOUNDARY

For these two steps I intend to use the “Make an API call” module but don’t undestand how to do it:

Thanks in advance for the help


I also had a lot of problems uploading a file using the Baserow b"Make an API call" block. But with Make - or N8N - you can also use a regular HTTP request. Check the screenshot below for the values you need to enter. In my scenario, the file came from Telegram, but all file sources are possible.

Concerning the duplicate row, I think you need to combine a check if a certain ID exists with removing the row if a value is returned. Both methods can be found in the API documentation of your base. Just check the required parameters and insert them in your Make block

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