Update Template, but each user retains their individual data

I was wondering if this is a feature or could become one.

Here’s my idea/scenario. I make a template of a chart. I can then send the chart to other users where they can edit their own individual data within the chart (or perhaps a single column while the rest is locked). But, I can also push out updates to add or edit changes in the template that applies to all users of that chart.


Quantity | Item | Store
1 | Monitr | Newegg
3 | Cable | Amazon, BestBuy
2 | Headphones | BestBuy

In this example, I would be able to share the chart with anyone. With their own account they could edit their version of the template’s quantity column. However I as the admin could make changes such as adding more stores (tags) to existing items, edit changes (like correcting “Monitr” to “Montior”) and adding new entries to the chart/list.

Is that something that’s currently possible? Is it something that could be implemented? Other spreadsheet and similar programs/services I’ve found let you share a sheet or let the user download a copy, but nothing where the originator can push out updates AND each user keeps their unique data. It’s especially an issue (with other programs/services) if you wanted to insert entries between other entries. You couldn’t simply download the new version and copy data from one column over, because when you paste it it wouldn’t be in the correct spot.

Hello @TheMangoViking! Welcome to Baserow :wave:

Thanks for sharing a very detailed description of your case. The features you described are currently not available in Baserow. We have some thoughts about introducing a way for our users to make their databases public so that other users could “make a copy” of it and make their own changes. But no exact plans at this moment. I’ll get back to you here as soon as we have some concrete ideas regarding this functionality, so maybe you can help to come up with the right logic for this feature. And we will keep in mind your scenario when discussing this functionality.