Uploading standard choice lists to database column and form

Hi everyone,

I am creating an applicant database (based on the template) and we need several columns/form fields where applicants need to make a choice. One of those is nationality… Or, the country where they live in… Is there anyway I can upload or copy/paste all these options (country list in txt format for instance) in one go? As I see it now, I have to manually add each country to a choice field…


Hi @PhilBorremans, if you’re using a Single Select field or Multiple Select field, you indeed need to manually provide all the countries that you want to accept. If you’re comfortable with using an HTTP API, you could talk to the API directly to create them when creating the field: Baserow API spec, but this requires some technical knowledge.

Alternatively, you could create another table named “Countries” in your Baserow database. Here you can import CSV, JSON, XML or paste tabular data containing all the countries you want to allow. You can then create a relationship between your table and the country table. If you create a form and you add the newly created link to table field, the user must then choose at one least of the countries that’s in country table. The downside is that the user can then choose multiple countries instead of just one.

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