Use apache superset with Baserow

I am evaluating Baserow, I have this use case:

  • input and modify data in Baserow
  • display data with Apache Superset: build a dashboard with several graphs

I can access to Baserow postgres database but I do not understand how applications table are stored.
Supeset can only access to a relational db.
Can you help me?

Hello @mgiammarco,

thank you for the question. We’ve realized that we don’t have adequate documentation on this topic, and your inquiry has given us a prompt to improve it in the future.

To answer in detail would require pages of documentation, but perhaps for now, it might suffice to say that for each user table, a row is created in the database_table.

Each table is identified by an ID, which you can see from the URL or from the menu as shown in the image below (table infos with ID 681). For each user table, Baserow creates a table in PostgreSQL named database_table_ID, containing all the data.

For each field of the user table, a row is created in the database_field table. Each field is also identified by a unique ID which is used in the column name. The database_table_ID will have a column for each created field, and the field will be named field_ID. You can find the field ID in the interface as shown in the image below (Field name with id 6542).

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 13.57.03

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.02.26