User access for SaaS app built with Baserow


I am building a SaaS application with Baserow, and was curious how user billing works for the product’s end users.

Does each user need a seat in Baserow, or is there another billing / configuration setup that would enable just the data to be hosted and each new user doesn’t need their own seat?

Hi @wheels006!

Do you need these saas users to actually log in and use Baserow? Or use Baserow’s permission system? If so, then you will need to buy seats.

If you will use Baserow as a “dumb” database then you might not need to currently pay for seats and just use a database token with full access, and manage permissions and users on your end.

Our saas offering also has some limits regarding rows and storage, so you might need to buy at least admin seat to get more, or self-host.

If this is a serious project, you can get in touch with our sales for options on how to proceed.

Thank you! Getting in touch with the team right now.