Using Customized forms to Update a Dataset

im trying to figure out if it is possible to use customized Forms to update existing datasets.

My Aim is to create a custom Form that can be used to collect data in multiple steps iteratively. As far as i can see it is only possible to create an one-shot submit.

any ideas how to solve this?

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I think I am trying to do something similar. I have a series of forms connected using the Redirect to URL option.

But each form puts the data in a new row. There is an instruction to

Use {row_id} to include the newly created row id in the URL.

I thought that might keep the responses in the same row. But so far I haven’t been able to get it to work. I get a form not found message.

However, it doesn’t give more instructions than that. I have tried adding {row_id} and {row_1} to the end of the URL and it

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I’d also like to do this. Are there any updates?

Hello @Sam_uk, we do have plans to introduce this functionality in the future, but no time estimates as of now.

As a workaround, you can pair Baserow with n8n (or another automation platform), and set up triggers to update existing rows when a new response is received.

@Sam_uk @CfortheCs @aschaefer have any of you experience using automation tools?

One of our developers (@jrmi) has achieved this with n8n before.

The general instructions are:

You need two tables:

  • One that contains the final data
  • Every lines need a uid field
  • One field is a formula that computes the url of the form from next table with the prefiled values and a hidden field (a new feature) value with the uid of the line it should modify
  • One that contains form entries
  • One column should contains the uid of the affected line
  • A form view with the fields you want to update in the previous table
  • A webhook to call the n8n pipeline that generates the update

Then you need a n8n instance where you can configure a pipeline with:

  • A generic http trigger that listen for the webhook
  • A baserow node to update the fields of the line designed by the input uid

Hope this helps anybody coming across this issue in the future!

Hey there @aschaefer @CfortheCs @Sam_uk if that is still a topic of your interest, here is how to update table values using form submissions: How to Update Row Data With Baserow Forms 🤔.

I am interested in hearing updates of this. I need this functionality to create a lightweight hack dashboard. Google Forms is ideal for gathering and updating data by the participants but lack other features that are built-in in Baserow. A paid service to manage this is an overkill.