How to Update Row Data With Baserow Forms 🤔

How to update rows with form submissions?

Step 1. Create a Database
Step 2. Table A: Set up a table to collect data
Step 3. Table B: Set up a table to edit data
Step 4. Prefill & hide form fields dynamically
Step 5. Add credentials to authenticate nodes
Step 6. Set up a webhook with n8n as a trigger
Step 7. Create a webhook in Baserow for form submission
Step 8. Get a row with the Baserow node
Step 9. Update the row with the Baserow node
Step 10. Execute & activate workflow for production

Here is an easy-to-follow guide with all the detailed steps (plus screenshots): update rows with form submissions.

:exclamation: Note: This workflow can be adapted to any use case. With batch create/update/delete rows endpoints, you can modify multiple rows at once.