Using filter_type AND, OR

I’m trying to do something like this:
Why does it not return any results if both conditions are true? Am I doing something wrong?

Try fixing the name of the parameter, it is filter_type, not field_type.

Hey @petrs
I fixed the parameter name. But still, it didn’t work. Still not returning any results.
Please I need to know if there is a solution for this.


I think that the field filter_type can only be set once in your querystring and it is overwritten every time you set it again. However, I am not completely sure.

I think that the best solution is to restart building your filter. Starting with only filtering on field_861825_equal=2. If this returns the desired result, you can continue to construct your query.

A second option is that you replace. field_86xxxx with the actual field names since user_field_names is set to true.


I think you are correct about it. My problem continues. Thank you for trying to help me.

Feel free to post a CSV file with the structure of your table and some test data. I am willing to take a look at it - and maybe find a workaround - since your issue is something that occur in a lot of scenarios.

It also looks like you are trying to combine field_type=AND and field_type=OR. If you go to Baserow UI you will see that you can have either AND condition or OR condition.

I suggest to first go into Baserow UI, filter data there and check if the data are returned. Then you can either query the view’s endpoint directly to have the filters applied (that you created in the UI), or construct your query manually.

Thanks @petrs and @frederikdc for the help. It is true that everything would be ‘easier’ if the filters were more flexible. By the way, here is my suggestion for a possible improvement in this regard! I’m going to see what I can do to reach my goal, which seemed simple to me but which already takes me many hours.

agree, filters functionality should be enhanced - at least combining AND/OR conditions, which brings the need to nest these conditions and filter rules

This feature is one of the highest priority items on our roadmap after row grouping and row history. One work around for now is making a formula field which uses the and and or functions, and then filtering if that formula field is true or false.

Please, any progress here with combined filters (AND/OR) and nested conditions?
I understand it needs some time to prepare the functionality and implement it, but believe that this one is one of the most important and should have high priority. Just because smart and powerful filtering is extremely useful when working with database with lots of data fields and records.
Anyway, BIG THANKS for the work you do in baserow!

Hey, thank you @marcus. This feature indeed has a very high priority, but we haven’t started the development of it yet. I’ll let you know once someone from the development team picks up this task.

Hello @marcus, I have great news for you, we’ve started the development of this feature :grin: