VIew Not Found when opening table after changing date/time column

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I made a change to a date column in one of my tables and now when I click on the table to display it, it shows “View Not Found” and offers to take me back to the dashboard.

If I try to export the table, I get:

The change I made was to set a specific timezone for the date/time column as I have colleagues in different timezones that need to enter data for other timezones.

I can access the table, but now I am missing a bunch of rows in that table. Any thoughts?

Do I have to restore from a snapshot? To me it looks like a bug with the way the datetime column handles timezones. If this could be unset on the backend, that would be great.

Update - I cannot access the table anymore. I suspect if I can figure out how to change to a different view of the table, one without the datetime, I could access it and change it.

@davide, could you please check out this issue?

I made a new table in a new database with the field that I edited and believe to cause the problem.

In my table that stopped working, I had a date column:


I toggled the “set timezone for all collaborators” to on because I wanted data entry to be consistent across timezones.

When I hit save, that is when the trouble started to happen.

I was able to play around yesterday and access different views of the table and I could get some rows to show up, maybe 50 out of 300 would be displayed.

The other tables that were linked to this one still show the records that I can’t see, so I suspect the data isn’t gone.

Thanks for sharing all the details, @Troy! We will look into the issue as soon as possible. :raised_hands:

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Has there been any luck in fixing this?

I have to decide today whether to create a new database and upload/add the lost information from the snapshot.

It looks like the data is back - I’ll run through it, but thank you (and your team) very much.

Hello @Troy,

sorry for the delay. We have been busy with the next release, and I wasn’t able to look into it earlier.

The errors you experienced are suspicious and it definitely shouldn’t happen.

If this issue occurs again, please don’t hesitate to reopen this thread. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide some steps to reproduce the situation or determine if it’s related to a specific table or database.

I’ll try to look into it as soon as possible.

There really weren’t steps to reproduce. I edited the column “Date and Time of shot” (screen capture above in the thread) which was a date column. I clicked the box that said “Set timezone for all collaborators” and clicked save.

I navigated to another page and came back and that is when I started to have issues. I can’t recall anything else that I would have done (other than add data manually). It has been pretty solid for me since I started using it last year.

I am looking at the database now and that box is ticked, but as far as I can tell it seems to be working as expected and my data is there.

Once I get some time, I’ll make a duplicate of the database and attempt to see if I can reproduce the issues.

One thing I did notice was that some of the views for that table worked (I had about 5 different grid views). Only one worked, but that would only show a partial dataset. I could see any patterns (hidden columns, or filters) as to why one would work.