Virtual meetings with members of the Baserow community?

  1. Usually when you are a LibreOffice developer, the Libre Office team often makes video calls to meet new development team members.
  2. Would it be interesting to have virtual meetings to talk about Baserow use cases, as well as meet people who like Baserow and increase Baserow popularity?
  3. Currently Baserow relies on GitLab for pull requests, there is a mirror on GitHub and there is the Baserow forum and social media.

Some development communities hold face-to-face meetings such as Python-conf or python conference. Some people meet ups happen on Google Meet, Slack, Discord or even in person at things like meetup.

My idea here would be to create a baserow-conf or baserow conference. So that greater netwroking is possible during events such as tool news and commercial partnerships with open source things.

This idea is not mine, but it is adopted by many open source communities. It’s a way for you to earn money with event tickets and sponsorship at the same time. Also, a good opportunity to meet people and spread the word about Baserow.

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Hello @anon6366911! We do think about conducting community meetings in the future. My idea is to keep them informative — to connect each event with the specific topic and maybe even to invite some guests/experts to give a pitch on that topic. The other type of community meetups I have in mind is collaborative events — the ones where we build something together in a form of contests, or challenges. Which type of events you would be the most interested in? I would love to know more details :memo:

And I see that you want to meet the team and learn about the Baserow use cases within events, what are the other motivations for you to participate in events?

Hello @olgatrykush

1. FAQ

This idea is great.

This one of challenges seems to be interesting.

Both events… but… ask about this idea out of curiosity. It’s something I think about in the future. I’m thinking about creating a YouTube channel about open source and talking about things like Baserow (how it came about, where to find the source code, how to compile, how to participate in the community, the history of Baserow, how many users it has, tutorials or courses on baserow too etc) etc.

The events part could include in the description of the video for anyone interested in access and pay the ticket if this event is private (only for partners or something) or could include and disclose free event links as well.

About this YouTube channel, I would have to check if this is possible, otherwise I would somehow be getting a copyright lawsuit from the Baserow brand. I would have to know if I could create online Baserow courses and also create Baserow specific events as well.

2. Idea

I imagine 2 types of events: community events, corporate events:

  • Community events are for people who use Baserow as developers, users. Challenges, networking, etc.
  • Corporate events: they are Baserow events by people hired by Baserow (that is, it is an event where the Baserow team talks about news, partnerships, etc.)
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Hey-hey! @anon6366911, I want to thank you for the high activity, we appreciate your support a lot :blue_heart:

That’s a great idea! We have a bunch of video reviews made on Baserow by our users, you can find them all on YouTube.

If you want to invest your time and resources into promoting Baserow, then we are lucky to have such a community member as you.

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