VLookUp Formula

This very well known, often used and powerful formula would be a tremendous help.
What it does is:
Look up in a defined table (column) if the search time can be found.
Ref: VLOOKUP function

The superb highlight in context of baserow would be: to be able to define a linked field where the return value is pasted to - so that there is a link to the lookup table.
Ref: https://business-automated.medium.com/vlookup-in-airtable-for-tables-without-existing-links-d8ddf37961e9


Hello @moonday! The VLookup function indeed seems very useful. I added it to the list of feature requests to be discussed on the nearest team call, thanks for your input :handshake:


Thank you @olgatrykush for the fast feedback and making it transparent about how things move!

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Hi team,
I also think it would be a very powerful feature to have on Baserow. Will it be developped? If so, do you know when?
Thanks a lot!

Hello @moonday and @Anatole. We have discussed this request, and unfortunately, implementing it would lower Baserow’s performance. Additionally, it will require significant development resources to build it. Currently, it has not been accepted, but we will review it again later.