VLookUp Formula

This very well known, often used and powerful formula would be a tremendous help.
What it does is:
Look up in a defined table (column) if the search time can be found.
Ref: VLOOKUP function

The superb highlight in context of baserow would be: to be able to define a linked field where the return value is pasted to - so that there is a link to the lookup table.
Ref: https://business-automated.medium.com/vlookup-in-airtable-for-tables-without-existing-links-d8ddf37961e9

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Hello @moonday! The VLookup function indeed seems very useful. I added it to the list of feature requests to be discussed on the nearest team call, thanks for your input :handshake:


Thank you @olgatrykush for the fast feedback and making it transparent about how things move!

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