We have a new update โ€” Baserow 1.12.1 is out!

:fire: Changelog Day! Today we did a minor release of 1.12.1 to fix some bugs and add a few new features:

:white_check_mark: Enabled public Kanban view sharing
:white_check_mark: Put in a bunch of new templates
:white_check_mark: Improved database duplication UX
:white_check_mark: Added rich preview when importing additional data
:white_check_mark: Added link, button, get_link_label and get_link_url formula functions
:white_check_mark: Added environment variable for controlling webhook security
:white_check_mark: Added Polish translation

Test out all the newest updates: baserow.io.
Read the full changelog :point_right: changelog.md ยท develop ยท Bram Wiepjes / baserow ยท GitLab.


when we delete any row than the row id also deleted permanently fix this issue its difficult for us switch from Airtable to baserow.

Hey @Kuldeep.pilaniya, have you seen this feature by any chance. If you click on the icon in the top left corner, you can choose whether you want to show the unique row id or the row count (same as Airtable).


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