We’ve just released 1.13.1 with direct support for Enterprise, hiding form view fields via query parameters and many other things!

We spent the last two weeks on some improvements and bug fixes. So, what is NEW in Baserow 1.13.1? :point_down:

→ See the current date and weekend highlighted in the Calendar/Date field picker.
→ Hide form view fields via query parameters.
→ Get immediate help with direct support in the Enterprise plan.

Here is the full scoop on all new things: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow/-/releases/1.13.1.
Test them out: https://baserow.io/.

And share your feedback in the comments :point_down:

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When are you going to add a “About” page to the app, or footer to the login page, which actually tells you what version you’re currently running?

I will check this question with the team today :ok_hand:

Hello @dkonigs, we addressed this question to our Product Designer. Meanwhile, you can check what Baserow version you’re currently running by opening the API spec docs: https://api.baserow.io/api/redoc/.